SPC legal is growing and expanding its services as Marius Rindinas and his team join the firm

The rapidly growing business law firm SPC legal is joined by the attorney at law Marius Rindinas and his three associates. Marius Rindinas will join the management of SPC legal in the capacity of an associate partner. With him and other colleagues on board, the firm is also expanding the range of services it offers. The new colleagues contribute extensive experience in issues of anti-money laundering, data protection, migration, betting and gambling, and others.

‘In our five years as a firm, we have been growing very rapidly and kept expanding our team of legal professionals, while constantly seeking and delivering new solutions that bring added value to our clients. This is especially true this autumn. We have just launched our new public procurement management solution, and we’re now happy to announce the joining of Marius Rindinas and his team, which expands our firm’s expertise and contributes services we were not able to provide before,’ says Giedrius Murauskas, Managing Partner at SPC legal.

Rindinas is bringing along his associates Laurynas Purlys and Simona Sidaravičienė, as well as junior associate Iveta Katiliūtė.

Rindinas specialises in migration and employment, data protection, betting and gambling, commercial transactions, and dispute resolution. He has more than 12 years’ experience of advising both start-ups and leading businesses in the market as well as state institutions and international NGOs.

His portfolio includes advising one of the largest retailers in the Baltics on real estate, commercial law, and other legal matters. Probably the largest deal he worked on totalled a nominal value EUR 95 million and included a sale of a loan portfolio of 4 credit unions. Along with Invest Lithuania, Rindinas implemented the country’s strategic project of improving the model of immigration in an effort to attract highly-qualified professionals to Lithuania. Rindinas also has exceptional experience with high-profile cases, having represented state institutions such as the Ministry of Energy, the State Energy Inspectorate, and the Communications Regulatory Authority. He advises the Lithuanian Gambling Business Association and one of the largest licensed internet gambling operators in the market.

‘My colleagues and I are happy to join such a bold and up-and-coming team here at SPC legal. Our expertise in areas of migration, anti-money laundering, and gambling as well as the synergy of diverse experiences will allow SPC to offer its clients an even larger package of services, while also providing us with exciting new challenges,’ the new associate partner Rindinas notes.

Laurynas Purlys, who is joining the team at SPC legal together with Rindinas, has more than 9 years’ experience in dispute resolution and corporate law. Attorney at law Simona Sidaravičienė specialises in migration, data protection, public procurement, and business dispute resolution. The junior associate Iveta Katiliūtė specialises in anti-money laundering, electronic money institution licensing, and business disputes.

SPC legal ranks in the top ten largest law firms in Lithuania. It currently employs over 30 experts in their respective fields.