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[SPC in deals] Advising Monimoto on raising investment


Our team advised Monimoto UAB (Lithuanian company engaged into the activities of development, production and sales of smart alarm solutions for motorcycles) in two investment rounds.

First, the founders of Monimoto (two experts experienced in the field of alarm systems) agreed to increase the share capital, by granting shares to two investors: one private individual and UAB Delta Investment (controlled by well-known person, Mr. Aurelijus Rusteika, who is also ultimate controlling shareholder of Topo Centras). The first stage of investment also involved negotiation of the Shareholders’ Agreement, establishment of managing bodies of the company, etc.

In the second stage of the investment, the shareholders of Monimoto agreed to make additional investments for the further expansion of the company’s activities. The investment was made by three shareholders (out of four). The second stage included also negotiations on some specific call-option rights for the founders allowing them to acquire certain amount of shares under the particular conditions in the future.

Our services: structuring the transactions, negotiating, drafting the transaction documents (shareholders’ agreement, share subscription agreements, shareholders’ decisions, articles of association, etc.).
Deal value: confidential.
Team involvedMindaugas RimkusDovidas Vainorius, Jonas Povilionis.